Jane Bond Gillian Anderson

Could Gillian Anderson be the next James Bond?!

Sure there has been speculation about Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba and Damian Lewis potentially having their names in the hat for to next step into the shoes of James Bond, after Daniel Craig reportedly not taking any further appearances as 007 (even having being offered a briefcase of cash!).

It now however appears that X-Files actress, Gillian Anderson, has stepped forward to be a contender for the next… eh… Jane Bond? This would certainly give the franchise a much needed shake-up, but what do you think of this particular movie gender-swap?

The new Ghostbusters film reboot has seen such a move and with a release date due later this year, the new casting divided opinions amongst fans. But Anderson as the next Bond? Well, the RT’s speak for themselves. The names Bond…. Jane Bond. *Cue title credits*. Now wouldn’t that be something?



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