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Great News!

We are delighted to announce that International Best-Selling Author, Eoin Colfer, will be joining us live on Boast App this Thursday 7 July at 5:30pm for an exclusive interview and for a chance to have your questions answered! The interview will delve into Eoin’s latest projects such as his Iron Man Novel ‘The Gauntlet’, his new play ‘My Real Life’, his upcoming Christmas Musical ‘Noël’ and much much more.

(We’ll also ask him if there have been any movie updates on Artemis Fowl!!)

We want to hear your questions or comments you for Eoin which you can start submitting now in the Eoin Colfer Group on Boast App!

Here’s How to Get Involved

  1. Download Boast App for iOS or Android.
  2. Find and Join the Eoin Colfer Group on Boast App.
  3. Hit the B button to record a 20 second audio clip for Eoin to respond to.
  4. This Thursday 7 July at 5:30pm you can hit the Listen Live button at the top of the group to tune into the interview live.

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