Eoin Colfer Podcast Iron Man

Live Interview: Recorded 7th July 2016, The Sky & The Ground Wexford

International best-selling author Eoin Colfer took some time out of his incredibly busy schedule last night ahead of a book launch in Wexford to chat to The Boast Podcast about some of his brand new projects.

My Real Life, a play written by Colfer, starring Don Wycherley and directed by Ben Barnes, is currently running at the Theatre Royal in Waterford every Thursday and Friday in July. The play, which Colfer says will make you laugh and cry at the same time, has received critical acclaim and we talk about the very real life inspiration for the story and what is next for the production. Definitely worth buying tickets.

Next, we talk about Colfer’s fourth musical Noël , and this time takes the form of a christmas adventure starring a young girl who tries to make her way back to her mother alongside a motley crew of helpers. We learn alot more about the story, the stellar team involved (such as Ben Barnes and Emmy nominated Michael Londra) and what the aspirations are for the production which kicks off this December at the National Opera House, Ireland.

The much anticipated Iron Man Novel was next up for discussion. Wow. We got more details than we thought we would! If you want this novel in your hands just as much as we do, check out the podcast to get more details on the storyline, how Colfer wanted to portray Tony Stark/Iron Man, the development process and working with Marvel. WE ARE SO EXCITED!! (We may have fan-boyed a little bit)

Finally, we talk about some new projects in the pipe-line, such as a graphic novel with artist Giovanni Rigano that tackels immigration in a brand new tale called ‘Illegal’, his upcoming picture book with PJ Lynch and much more. Check it out in our brand new podcast below.

WARNING: Contains lots of jokes.