Ben Hennessy

Live Interview on Boast App this Friday at 2pm (GMT).

Ben Hennessy is a freelance storyboard artist and illustrator, currently working in the animation industry in Dublin. He has worked on a number of productions that have been screened on channels like RTE jr, Cbeebies and Nickelodeon. While T.V. productions take up the majority of his workload he also has some experience working in the games industry, on games available from phone to console. You can view his work by clicking here.

As well as tuning into the interview live, this first of its kind event will give fans and enthusiasts of cartoons, animation, comic books and illustration the opportunity to submit questions for the artist on he got started, working in the industry as well asking for tips and advice.


Here’s how to get involved

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Once you sign up, find the Ben Hennessy Illustration Group and press the B button to record your question or comment.

You can then listen in on Friday live to hear our live interview with Ben and responding to the questions submitted.


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