Wicklow 200

The Boast Podcast presents :

The Wicklow 200 Mini Series Part 1: Event Organiser Alan Heary.

Welcome to the first part of our podcast mini series on the Wicklow 200 to celebrate Boast App being the 2016 Official Social Media Partner. In this episode we speak to event organisers Alan Heary and chat to him about Ireland’s premiere cycling challenge through the Garden County as well as how to train and prepare for the event. We also talk about the BIG difference between the Wicklow 200 and Wicklow 100 and how to tell which category you should go for!

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Boast App & Wicklow 200

Boast are delighted to announce that we are this year’s official social media partner of the Wicklow 200 for 2016. In the run up to June 12th, we shall be bringing you live news, updates, chat and podcasts on the event, as well as providing an audio forum where those taking part, spectating or interested in the event, can log on and chat to each other using their actual voice! So get to know those organising and taking part thanks to Boast App!

Chat Forum – Get Involved


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  2. When you Sign Up, Find the Wicklow 200 Group.
  3. When you are here, you can respond to a message, or create a new conversation by hitting the big ‘B’ button.
  4. This allows you to record 20 seconds of audio.

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Here are some topics to talk about!


  1. Asking for and giving advice for beginners.
  2. Asking for and giving advice for advanced cyclists.
  3. Daily audio updates as you prepare for Wicklow 200.
  4. Sharing your knowledge of the Wicklow 200 and shorter 100 route.
  5. How to prepare for Wicklow 200.
  6. Training and nutritional tips.
  7. Where to go celebrate afterwards.
  8. Shout support for your participants, family and fellow cyclists.

Check out the video below to help you get started.


About the Wicklow 200

The Wicklow 200 is a non-competitive cycle ride that takes place on one day every June. It covers 200 kilometres around the roads of beautiful County Wicklow (the Garden of Ireland) and attracts over 2000 cyclists from many different countries.

The shorter Wicklow Challenge takes place on the same day, and shares most of its route with the Wicklow 200.

Taking part in the “Wicklow 200” or the shorter “Wicklow 100” is taking part in one of the best cycling challenges in Ireland. This very popular event which is on it’s 34th year, incorporates some of the most difficult mountains in Co. Wicklow to cycle up and at the same time covers some of the most breathtaking scenic roads in the whole of Ireland.

The Wicklow 200 is famous for its relaxed, friendly and welcoming atmosphere, and for its ability to combine this with organisation of the highest standard.

The event has been organised each year since it started in 1982 by the Irish Veteran Cyclists Association
The 2016 event will be on Sunday June 12th